Harvest is a point of sale application catering to jewellery industry.


We developed Harvest, a POS (point of sale) app for jewellery retailers. This hybrid app – for both tablet and mobile devices – was built using Java, React JS and Mysql technologies.

It’s a powerful tool for sales agents, who can easily use the app anywhere in the store and generate bill and slips whenever they need.



The Indian jewellery market is different than other countries and it can be difficult to properly analyze

Each piece of jewellery contains several elements, each of which has a unique cost and value associated with it – which makes detail and organization a priority for this app.


Harvest provides flexibility and accessibility to businesses who want to devote their energy to driving revenue, putting the power into their sales team’s hands.

The app is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing agents to print estimates from the nearest printer and also retrieve product information using a built-in QR reader.

In addition to those features, Harvest’s modules offer seamless inventory tracking, user/customer management, sales report generation and jewellery schemes.

The website was developed using HTML5CSS3 and maintained using a WordPress CMS. We used React JS for the app and Java Spring Boot (along with MySQL) to create the back end app, which garage administrators manage sales leads, customer information and track jobs from start to finish.


Whether you’re relaunching your website or starting from scratch or POS for Retail, our experienced team of engineers will craft an attention-grabbing digital product that elevates your brand.

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