Creation of design centric digital sales channels that result in increased conversionsWith good design, visually appealing products and marketing incentives there are more reasons for users to stay on the website and purchase products. Our expertise in building eCommerce websites ensures this happens.

We focus on the below three aspects when working on the design,

  • Insights from the audience
  • User experience centric design
  • Ease with which customers can make online purchases

Our eCommerce design process is as below,

Business and User Research:

As eCommerce businesses are all about the products, we have thorough discussions with stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of the products. The target audience is identified and through surveys or using data the audience profile is charted out

Strategy and Information Architecture (IA):

An eCommerce strategist works with the UX and the design team to give the much needed direction to begin the UX proess. The UX team with IA and prototypes create a blueprint that is handed over to the design team.

Design, build, testing and Launch:

Using the wireframe prototypes prepared the designers begin designing the screens that are then eventually passed on to our super awesome development team. While the development team is at work, the copywriters prepare keyword rich copy in tandem with our SEO team. All through the development journey the testers are busy at work plugging all sorts of bugs. Once the build is completed and on the testing team’s approval, the website is finally ready to be taken live.

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Whether you’re relaunching your website or starting from scratch or POS for Retail, our experienced team of engineers will craft an attention-grabbing digital product that elevates your brand.