Ensuring that every digital interaction and user experience matters

Information architecture or IA in short is the blueprint that User Experience (UX) designers use to create a more coherent navigation system. While IA is all about using wireframes and staying focussed on the user’s goals, UX lays emphasis on the ease of comfort in using a product. A deep understanding of a user’s emotions and psychology comes into play.

Our UX designers have the necessary skillsets to work out an IA and unite it with good design. In today’s day and age with customers spoilt for choice and numerous distractions, it is pertinent to leave a good impression about your business. As we are the experts having worked with countless number of digital properties, we end up bringing the right skillsets to listen to your users.

Our IA + UX process is as below,

Discovery – Understanding business goals
User Analysis – In the form of surveys and interviews
Testing – Undertaking tests with real users. Doing this helps us get feedback early on. Use of tools like Optimal Workshop
Audience creation and User Journeys – Identifying specific audience and user flow through different touch points
Creation of IA – An appmap or a sitemap that explains how the various pages interact with each other
Wireframes – Wireframes in tandem with prototypes give a visual guide showing the different interactions between pages
Documentation and hand over – The UX team then work with our designers and developers with detailed documentation to ensure super awesome digital assets are finally created

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Whether you’re relaunching your website or starting from scratch or POS for Retail, our experienced team of engineers will craft an attention-grabbing digital product that elevates your brand.