Using user focused mobile first designs to create an engaging experience

The success and proliferation of apps of today is based on the experience that they provide. Not all apps released in the market have made their mark. At times businesses release apps just to join the crowd, but don’t realize that it is important to create a seamless experience. Else, it ends up becoming a waste time, effort and money.

From native applications to hybrid ones, we have done them all. Our app design process is fully focussed on the user. So we design apps by listening to the user, then go about designing and testing with actual users.

Our App design process is as below,

Understanding business and user:

We begin with you by conducting stakeholder interviews. The interview process helps us understand the business need for the app and the problem you are looking to solve. Then we conduct audience research and also identify your competitors to find out ways and means to differentiate your app from the others.

User Experience (UX):

We use our UX team’s strength in creating personas as well as user journeys. Wireframes help in visually understanding the experience and layouts

Testing Prototypes:

Our team comes up with prototypes to test the application on real users and get their feedback which will be factored in during the UI design stage

User Interface Design (UI):

The blueprint from the prototypes is used by our designers to begin work on the UI design. While working on the app design, we factor in how the engagement would translate to users of Android and iOS phones.

Development, testing and Launch:

Our app developers don on the hat of anointed masters in developing a super smooth application. Testing by our testing experts ensure the application is bug free and once an approval is received from them, we are ready to launch the application into the wild.

After launch, we monitor the performance of the app and suggest and undertake digital marketing activities. Technical support is provided by our dedicated maintenance team.

Talk Together

Whether you’re relaunching your website or starting from scratch or POS for Retail, our experienced team of engineers will craft an attention-grabbing digital product that elevates your brand.