We are living in a world where every smart device we touch has helped us in one way or the other. The interoperability of all these devices that result in the efficiency of an organisation is of paramount importance. We at New Slate Labs have the expertise that is required for implementation of a Internet of Things architecture.

Our IoT process is as below,

Research and competitor analysis – Understanding the nature of your business and identifying how competitors are leveraging IoT within their organisation

Design sprints – Designers, strategists and business stakeholders work together on 5 day sprints

Prototype development – A minimum viable product is developed and released for a small select group of audience to comment

Full product development & iterations – Based on the prototype feedback, full product features are put into place and iterations are made continually till a final release is made

Maintenance and monitoring – The applications responsible for IoT are maintenance should any issue arise and are monitored fulltime

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