Getting your car repaired – or trying to find a shop to do the work – can be a painful process.

FixSer, a startup based in Chennai, uses a price comparison portal to recommend garages based solely on user preferences.

FixSer approached New Slate needing a logo, a mobile application and website design, including a back end application to manage and process jobs.


Startups and agencies tend to speak the same language (most of the time), but this was our first venture into the automotive industry. We found it to be fun and rewarding work.

First, we had to better understand the Indian automotive industry, its regulations, and its processes – then, tailor the products to best serve that audience.


We built a suite of sleek digital products that enabled FixSer to be fully prepared for customer needs.

The website was developed using HTML5, CSS3 and maintained using a WordPress CMS. We used React JS for the app and Java Spring Boot (along with MySQL) to create the back end app, which garage administrators manage sales leads, customer information and track jobs from start to finish.

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